The Owl, The Wolf, The Rabbit, the Mother and Charlie Cat

Over the last two days Dark Star Puppets, Puppeteer Orla O Connor Laurie has been attending two schools in the Fir Vale area of Sheffield.  She visited Owler Brook Primary School and also Whiteways Primary School.  She helped 150 children to make shadow puppets and perform to each other and to parents at Owler Brook School.  The listened so well to the story and learnt about Opaque, Translucent and transparent, object light and shadow through the medium of shadow puppetry.  The children were told Orla that she was Professor Shadow and had a magic bag with magic things.  They enjoyed the magic created using the OHP and the water and colour within the lake scene.

“It was a great day, and the children got allot out of it” – Y3 teacher, Ms F Marshall, Whiteways Primary School

“The children loved it and I loved it too, I made my own puppet” – Y3 Teaching Assistant, Whiteways Primary School

“The children got allot out of the day, they had a lot of fun”  Mrs Mohammed, Teacher, Owler Brook Primary School

The schools are carrying on with the theme using the story in Literacy at Owler Brook Primary School and at Whiteways school they are using it to create tissue paper boxes and some other puppets with some of the tricks Orla showed them during the day.   The school are going to forward on some other pictures but have a look at some of the ones taken 18th and 19t November.