Make your own Chinese Dragon for New Year

This Dragon is a simple piece that can be made from those left over toilet rolls that find there way into our bathrooms.  You will also need some kitchen roll, a cereal box or 2, some string, green/red/yellow or colourful paint, glitter, buttons or little balls for eyes, scissors, double sided tape or glue and string.


IMG_0254 IMG_02642014-01-24 07.46.32

Follow the picture above and print it out if you need to.

You will need one tube of kitchen roll – end of roll.  Cut into smaller rolls about 6 but the amount is not so important.  In each new roll cut 2 circle out in line with each other with a whole punch.  This is so you can thread the body from the head to the tail and shape the dragon as you wish.  But before you thread you will need to paint the dragon.  We chose green but red, yellow, orange and multicolour is also good.

Then design a wing and I cut a cardboard template out and then drew around this with children at Hathersage Primary School of course cutting out 2 of these. Then I made little feet templates as in the picture which you need 4 of and you can add string to them, then attach with double sided tape or glue to the bottom of the rolls of his/her body.  The tail I gave a different and flatter shape and the head I made into a slightly longer tube roll so that it was more distinct.

For flames we used Sainsburys shopping bags which we had left over and cut a piece then made a spiky edge so as to make the dragon look like he was spitting fire.  It worked very well.  Finally from the head we attached another string to a rode and part of the way down the dragons back.  So 2 rods of branch or bamboo or even strong straw act as a very simple puppet controller.

Happy making any questions please email at