Hanzel and Gretel – Horse and Bamboo Show – Sheffield

Hansel and Gretel Show

My daughter and I went to the only show in Sheffield at the Montgomery Theatre on the 23rd January.  It was wonderful.  The set was amazing and must have taken an age to put up as it was really robust but had the most interesting interchanging parts which made full use of the effort that the artists and creators had made for the set.  The movement and inference of movement was wonderful especially at the beginning when Hanzel and Gretel are travelling in the woods. It reminded me of the training of object impulse and what the object likes to do with Rene Baker.  My daughter commented about the fact that there was very little voice work.  She said “they’re not doing much talking mummy, why is that?”  well I said “listen and lets see what we can see and hear what we can see”.  She seemed confused at first but after a time the calmness of none talking and really watching brought the audience further into the performance.  The use of changing shapes, methods of travelling and time, and also size, dimension and even flourescent glowing sweet rappers was magic.