The house of shadow

One of many workshops with young children aged 6-12

This workshop at a festival called Gaia Tribe  was fantastic children of mixed ages between 6 – 12 who were brimming with fantastic ideas.  We used a lovely Australian story involving a mouse and his mother.  They had fun making the puppets, laughing and giggling, fun practising their own script with joke lines involving going through the woods with Sat Nav and lolling over the log.  We worked on the show over a period of four days for 2 hours a time and each child was there at every session full of enthusiasm. When they performed the camp shadow puppetry house was full of laughter.  Even the mouse who was played by a lovely but shy little girl came forward and shone in the performance of this magical show.  It is a great privilege to work with such inspiring children whose imagination has no limitations. Thanks.